Social Media Marketing for a Therapy Practice

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These days, it seems everyone is on social media, from teenagers to working professionals to older generations. Engage and expand your audience across the Internet with social media marketing. Therasoft® therapy practice software provides necessary and practical solutions for those looking for the best in private practice software or counseling practice management software. With a strong social media presence, your practice can increase through word-of-mouth referrals, maintain professionalism in the digital age we live in, and provide a constant level of marketing so you can focus on what matters most: your clients. Other software for counselors is not as comprehensive as Therasoft® counseling software.

Therasoft® provides complete long term solutions for therapy practice management and mental health practices seeking to connect and network across the Internet, including:

Professional Website

Having a great website is more than just a reflection of your business, it is a necessary part of connecting with clients and marketing your private practice. Therasoft® provides a customized professional and secure website that enables you to interact with your existing clients while also advertising to other potential clientele. The Therasoft® counselor software offers the best in mental health practice management software.

WordPress Blog

Blogs are a useful and important way to provide resources and articles related to your specific private practice. Through the WordPress CMS, "your business" can reach a wider audience and bring more awareness to your private practice and services.

Corresponding Facebook Business Page

Social media has become an integral part of growing successful businesses. Having a customized corresponding Facebook business page will encourage further interaction with both existing and potential clients in a readily accessible format.

Corresponding Twitter Page

Twitter is another effective social media platform that enables your business to communicate with a wide audience base while also promoting your private practice. A correlative Twitter page is included in every social media marketing package.

Corresponding Linkedin Page

Without a strong social media presence, your business won’t stand out amongst the others. Having a correlative Linkedin Page will give your private practice the online networking opportunities to connect with others in your industry.

Encrypted Email

Secure, encrypted email is a necessity for any "growing business". Enabling you to quickly and consistently reach your clients, whether for scheduling, billing, or promotional use.

Analytics and SEO

Analytics and SEOAn effective short term and long term social media presence requires the integration of analytics and search engine optimization (SEO) in order for your website and social media pages to appear in more searches. We will customize your online presence with the most up-to-date analytics and SEO to meet your marketing objectives.

Practice Management Software For Mental Health Professionals

Developed by industry professionals, Therasoft® is the most complete practice management software for eliminating time-consuming tasks to give you more time with your clients.