Clinical Assessment Tool

Email a secure link to Client So they can complete the Online Clinical Intake

Clinical Assessments

THERASOFT® Online Assessments module is designed for therapists providing clinical assessments or bio-psychosocial analysis to a variety of clients. Some clients are required by a court to get a clinical evaluation while others need it before insurance companies will cover any treatment. Evaluation process starts with a client going through the normal pre-registration and Registration process.

Then the counselor goes through a detailed interview session capturing all the relevant information required to complete a Bio-Psychosocial analysis. During the interview the counselor is guided through the questions allowing the counselor to capture any comments and notes during the interview.

Upon completion of the interview the counselor can generate an Interpretive summary with the counselors company name, logo and the client's name address, as well as all the notes from the interview process already input into each page of the Interview. The counselor can then edit the Interpretive summary with additional content and sign the report before printing.

The system also allows the counselor to send an encrypted password protected link to the client via email. When Clients click on the link they are given secure access to the blank assessment created by the counselor. The counselor can control the number of days the link is active and available.

Once the client completes the assessment interview the counselor can access the data input by the client and update the assessment with their notes and comments based on the information available. By the time the client comes in for their first visit, the counselor is aware of all the background and other information already provided by the client thereby making the first session much more productive for both.

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