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Therasoft® Secure email

Therasoft® provides encrypted secure email technology for a therapist to communicate sensitive documents and email content with their clients. The email as well as any attachments are encrypted and secured with a password and digital signature.

When the client gets an encrypted email, it can only be opened with a pass phrase that is tied to the email address and the recipient. Even the sender cannot open the email once it is encrypted. The recipient’s pass phrase is the key to the client’s personal digital signature.

Therasoft® uses state of the art encryption technology as foundation for the integrated solution for secure emails between Therapists and their clients.

The Secure email is also accessible from mobile devices like iPhones and Blackberry smart phones.

The solution does not require the client to purchase any special software or hardware.

Sign up for a secure email account with PGP Encryption and Digital Signatures for all your confidential communications with Clients. Encrypt email attachments and electronic patient records for only $49 per year per email account.

Secure email w/ PGP encryption



$49 / yr